Genacol, Canada’s leading brand of Collagen, is a bioactive complex of Collagen Hydrolysate that is intended to help alleviate joint paints, especially those related to Osteoarthritis and Tendonitis. With its patented Aminolock®Sequence Technology, Genacol is 10x more potent than other leading brands of Collagen today.

Genacol Plus

Natural dietary supplement for preventive and supportive treatment for patients with rheumatism and osteoarthritis. Long-term management of joint pains. Enhances repair and healing of cartilages, ligaments, tendons and muscle tissues.

Elmore Oil

Elmore Oil is a topical liniment composed of four natural products: Tea Tree Oil, Vanilla, Eucalyptus Oil, and Olive Oil. These ingredients are blended together through the Triple Maturation Process, which ensures its fast and effective pain relief. It is intended for fast muscle pain relief; the pain may be gone in as fast as 15 minutes.


Cefaly is a medical device made for migraine prevention and treatment. Cefaly works through neurostimulation of the trigeminal nerve, resulting in less pain and discomfort of migraine. Cefaly is also the first medical device for migraine treatment and prevention that is approved by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States of America. Cefaly has no adverse side effects.


Femarelle® is the most recommended non-hormonal option by leading gynecologists around the world. Backed by science and sales of millions of units to date, the Femarelle line provides women around the globe a safe and effective option to alleviate their menopausal symptoms.


Marine therapy consists in administering seawater to patients to improve their state of health. Numerous studies confirm the fact that organic water is essential to preserve the hydromineral balance of our cells. The classic schools of wisdom had already spoken of the replenishing power of the sea but, it was in the 19th century when the biologist and the physiologist René Quinton carried out the clinical trials to demonstrate that seawater, when diluted to isotonic water, is identical to the human body’s internal environment. Isotonic seawater, which was formerly known as Quinton Plasma, manages to rebuild the damaged cell.


The most innovative nutraceutical made for the management and prevention of cardio-metabolic factors. Highly concentrated bergamot flavonoids, Artichoke titrated in chlorogenic acid, Phytosterols, & Vitamin C with synergistic mechanism of action on cholesterol, triglycerides and blood glucose levels.

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JCS Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a confluence of grateful individuals who use their unique talents and skills synergistically to achieve for the company, profitable growth with dignity and for each stakeholder, financial freedom with integrity through the marketing and sale of products which are healing, health-giving, and health-enhancing.


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