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Due to the current situation, we have implemented a new scheme for our online deliveries. Please see details below:

- if customer would like to use Grab or Lala Move (Same day delivery), a minimum of 2 items per order will now be required to avail himself of our free delivery services. (Metro Manila area only)

- if customer insists to purchase only 1 item and wishes to use Grab or Lala Move, customer will shoulder the delivery fee. (Metro Manila area only)

- if customer would like to use LBC courier, no minimum order is required. However, customer should expect delays in his order due to movement restrictions under the community quarantine rules. (Some areas are not accessible by LBC via home delivery. Orders may be for branch pick up only. Please use the tracking number our online team will provide once ordering.)


Totum Sport is the only 100% natural hydration sports
supplement in the world which contains 78 bioavailable electrolytes
in the perfect proportions because it’s created by Plankton.

Phytoplankton use sunlight and photosynthesis to produce
approximately 70% of the Earth’s oxygen. At the same time they
convert minerals and trace elements present in seawater to
bioavailable elements. Zooplankton in turn feed on the phytoplankton
which releases these converted elements into
the sea (just below great plankton blooms) as the
most potent source of bioavailable minerals on the planet.

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