Incorporated in 2008, JCS Pharmaceuticals, Inc. was established to market pharmaceutical products,
nutraceuticals, food supplements, medical devices and similar products. Its first product was 
GENACOL, a food supplement imported from Canada containing pure collagen hydrolysate and
marketed to people suffering from joint and muscle pains. Formal marketing operations commenced
in June, 2009 and the company's first two Key Accounts Specialist were hired in the same year.
ELMORE OIL, an all-natural topical pain reliever from Australia, was added the following year as a
complement to GENACOL. Thereafter, the company has continued to add to its product range more
unique, safe and efficacious health products.



"JCS Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a confluence of thankful individuals who use their unique talents and
skills synergistically to achieve for the company profitable growth with dignity and for its
stockholders financial freedom with integrity in the marketing and sales of products that are healing,
health-promoting and health-enhancing."



Thankfulness • Smallness • Proactivity • Delightful Customer Service •
Love of Family • Initiative • Creativity • Extra-Mile •
Teamwork • Open Door Policy • Mistakes are good learning experiences.



                    • Philippine Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine
                    • Philippine Orthopedic Association
                    • Philippine Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine
                    • Philippine Rheumatology Association
                    • Philippine Neurology Association
                    • Philippine Dermatological Society
                    • Philippine Society of Neuro Rehabilitation
                    • Philippine Obstetrical and Gynecological Society
                    • Philippine Society of Reproductive Medicine
                    • Philippine Society of Gastroenterology
                    • Philippine Society of Digestive Endoscopy
                    • Preventive, Regenerative and Integrative Medical Alliance Inc. (PRIMA)
                    • Philippine College of Physicians


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